The most valuable asset of any company is its employees. In today’s competitive global economy, businesses must have the ability to hire and transfer foreign executives, managers, specialists and other professionals quickly and efficiently. As part of our international capabilities, we provide experienced and effective business immigration counselling to our corporate clients. MLegal is a pioneer in providing professional immigration services in the Indian market which until recently was dominated by agents with whom, compliance is a major issue. With new anti-bribery laws in US and UK it becomes very important to employ professionals with right skills and ethics. The practice is headed by Mr. Mohit Suri who is rated amongst the best immigration and international mobility lawyers in Asia. He has been assisting the Indian government in formulating immigration policies.

Our Business Immigration Practice emphasizes the efficient and flexible handling of immigration matters while working cooperatively with our clients’ human resources and corporate legal staff. Our immigration team has had remarkable success in handling complex and unusual cases.





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