Holding on to what you know or have created is difficult in shadowy ethical environments.  We know how to bring together lawyers, patent agents and technical advisors to protect intellectual properties. We work closely with technology innovators and inventors, venture capital companies, companies moving into new research, and universities.

The breadth of our services is extensive, as we:

  • Counsel clients about copyrights, patents, trade secrets and trademarks.
  • Practice before tribunals and courts to secure those rights.
  • Handle arbitration, mediation and other litigation alternatives.
  • Negotiate licenses to maximize the value of such property
  • Supervise technology transfers, manufacturing and supply agreements, research and development agreements and start up agreements.
  • Conduct intellectual property audits and due diligence, either separately or as part of mergers and acquisitions.

When it becomes necessary to litigate, we vigorously defend our client’s interests. Because of our collective expertise, we know how to communicate complicated technical and legal issues to judges at all levels. We pride ourselves on being bilingual:  we speak both technology and law.