Global financial compliance is becoming increasingly complicated. With growing  terrorist threats worldwide, governments are changing the rules more frequently than ever to curb financial assistance for criminal activities. These laws are double-edged swords as they can trap innocent businesses into deeper legal  trouble. Though law-makers have been enacting tough legislations to curb  criminals, they have given little thought to how legitimate businesses would be caught in unknown waters. We, at MLegal can help you avoid these pitfalls while assisting you in efficiently conducting your business.

In India, the Prevention of Money  Laundering Act 2002 is closely linked to the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA) violations. The prosecution in both these cases falls under the ambit of the Directorate of Enforcement, which is responsible for the investigation of the case and attachment of the assets involved.

Money laundering is a global challenge and has changed businesses around the world. We are the shield that protects our customers from mistakes arising out of ignorance or misinterpretation of the law. Our experts provide guidance for prevention beforehand and can be the counsel one wants by your side during the chaos of investigations or prosecutions in case of inadvertent errors or perceived misinterpretations.