Malaysia My Second Home Program


  • Low cost of living and high economic growth
  • Quality education including international schools, private colleges and universities
  • First class medical facilities with internationally recognised Hospitals and clinics

Advantages of MM2H

  • Holder of the MM2H is allowed to purchase freehold orLeasehold residential property worth more than RM1,000,000 with the title deed under their name
  • 10 year Social Visit Pass with Multiple Entry will be granted
  • Stay as long as the applicant wished & the holder is entitled To leave Malaysia at anytime
  • Multiple entry visa, renewalbe after 10 years
  • May include spouse and 2 children in the application
  • The program has no quota and will be issued if the requirements are met


  • Main applicant must have monthly income of RM10,000
  • Proof of current assets of at least RM350,000 if the applicant is above 50 years old and at least RM500,000 if the applicant is below 50 years old
  • Applicant is required to complete a medical check-up and purchase medical insurance

Investment Options

  • Applicants <50 years old:
  • Must make fixed deposit of RM300,000
  • May withdraw RM150,000 after one year of Deposit for approved expenses
  • Applicants >50 years old:
  • Must make a fixed deposit of RM150,000
  • May withdraw RM50,000 after one year of Deposit for approved expenses


  • Step 1: Submit documents for application
  • Complete Online Form
  • Send passport photos page of each person
  • Provide latest 3 months bank statements of or any other financial statements
  • Step 2:Approval letter issued by Immigration Department
  • Step 3: Arrival in Malaysia
  • Step 4: Open a fixed deposit account with any bank of Malaysia and make the deposit
  • Step 5: Purchase valid medical insurance in Malaysia
  • Step 6: Obtain a Medical Report from a local doctor