Existing tax regimes are under considerable stress as a result of increasingly comprehensive economic globalization and continuously improving electronic technologies. Digitized packets of information move instantaneously across national borders, and the movement of these valuable ‘intangibles’ creates massive volumes of commercial transactions. The global tax implications are astoundingly complex.

Governments around the world have been enacting diverse laws with a retrospective effect. Keeping up with the variations is nearly impossible.  As a result, corporate tax planners are trying to react in record velocities, but find themselves often, on the wrong foot. For example, in India, tax regimes are quite complicated with over 30 varieties of taxes. And to add to the difficulties, procedures are not harmonized across the country and vary from one state to another.

MLegal employs lawyers with expertise in fields like technology, engineering, business, etc., so that the client gets the best deal. We are equipped to handle tax matters for clients at every level including Income Tax Authorities, Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT), High Courts and The Supreme Court of India.