We take a team approach. We surround our clients with seasoned lawyers and specialists who can provide wise, sophisticated solutions that are necessary to thrive in complex environments.

Our Services include:

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Our outsourcing lawyers have a broad experience in information technology and business process outsourcing, including competitive procurements and sole source procurements.
  • Company formation: We assist local and International clients in setting up business entities in India. We provide complete guidance right from reserving the name to starting business in India.
  • External Commercial Borrowing (ECB): ECBs are an upcoming source of finance in India. RBI has eased the guidelines which makes ECBs attractive for Corporates. We assist the companies in various compliance issues related to companies.
  • Finance/Capital Markets: We represent debtors and others in complex restructuring, out of court settlements.
  • Licensing and E-Commerce: Now more than ever before, it is important to take time to think about information and how to protect it from misuse and ensure that it complies with the legislation. Our lawyers specialize in all possible aspects of e-business like, handling general terms and conditions, disclaimers, privacy rules, consumer protection etc.
  • Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions: We help clients involved in joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions and other strategic alliances globally.
  • Private Equity and Investment Funds: Our Corporate Finance practice is focused on the representation of growth companies and financial intermediaries in capital raising transaction from an early stage venture financing for set-ups to public debt and equity offering for seasoned issuers.
  • Public/Bank finance: In India securing finance from local institutions can be a nightmare. With us you get a partner who can assist you at every step from procurement to settlement.
  • Securities (SEBI): The Indian securities laws are amongst the most sophisticated and complex in the world. Our corporate team can assist you with compliance and assist you in any proceeding that may be initiated against your company.