The role of a Local Lawyer/Law Firm

The laws and compliance rules in India and other developing countries feel like they are in a steady state of evolution. Executives and managers find their task made much easier when they find a legal team that can comprehend and navigate changing laws quickly and with discernment.

Think of the current environment like a chess board. If the lawyer has the experience to recognize threats and anticipate events three steps ahead, the win is far more likely.  Complex political and social situations make the job of business leaders and lawyers more demanding. The media can sensationalize a story and create a governmental reflex. If untended, approvals from various agencies can take several months or even years.

To keep a business team making healthy progress, it requires an accomplished legal team. The rationale behind a business deal is to create wealth for the clients—that is what a lawyer is paid to do, i.e. create
value for the organization that has hired him.

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