MLegal has been handling challenges on behalf of clients since 1984. Sixty-eight lawyers at twelve locations makes MLegal one of the largest legal firms in India. We are a full service law firm and act as counsel for private and public companies, investment firms, hospitals, retail chains, educational institutions, software firms, BPO providers and individuals. Strategic partnerships with seasoned, discerning specialists give us a clear edge in providing our clients lasting value.

MLegal understands that the Asian marketplace and, in particular, the emerging business climates of the Indian subcontinent require leaders to be at the top of their game.  We know it isn’t a role for the faint of heart. So we honour our clients and offer a unique advantage:  we come alongside our clients to help them reach both their goals
and aspirations. We are ‘counsellors’ in the best traditional sense of our vocation. We are not cowed by contextual limitations. The collaborating teams of attorneys at MLegal take great pride in addressing not only the legal dimensions of modern business, but also embracing the practical and political challenges that our clients face.

There are two values that separate us from our competitors: sterling competence and unswerving ethical integrity. MLegal champions those two, above all else. For those times, when leaders and their companies feel like the sands are shifting under their feet, you need to know where you can find dependable direction and sound ethical explanations.

MLegal has offices all over India and Asia. The firm’s International Practice is growing fast. We are a young firm with an aim to assert our presence in business capitals of the world.

The legal system in India can  be complex and involves time-consuming work.  What you can expect from us is the discipline of thorough analysis of the commercial and contextual impacts of disputes before advising.  When we provide timelines and maps for the road ahead, you will not only understand, but have confidence that our objectives
are attainable. We want you to be able to sleep at night.  That’s why we work so hard!